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I know the likelihood of this problem being solved isn't too high...but I thought I'd try.

A few months ago I made this kinetic sculpture (video of it in action and code is on the page): http://www.jeremycouillard.com/blog/05122012/

It's basically two motors, 2 sensors, 4 relays and some LEDs. When a sensor is tripped the relays reverse the polarity of a motor or stop it and some LEDs flash.
The sensors are in analog and when they go higher than 20 the atmega tells the relays to turn on the motors. This worked great. I had it running in a gallery for a month straight, 8 hours a day, 5 days a week. I crated it up, moved it, and now I want to rebuild it. I put it all back together just like before and it's like the chip does not even notice the sensors....the only time the sensors ever seem to trip is when I first plug the machine in and it runs only one of the conditionals I have that the sensors trip...whether or not the sensor is actually being tripped. But that's it. The sensors are working (they have little LEDs that are normally on and when they're tripped the LED goes off), the relay coils work, I tested them, I multimetered everything I could and it seems like current is flowing....I reflashed the program onto the atmega...same thing. The one motor keeps going counterclockwise and it's like the sensors aren't even there...when they're unplugged it basically does the same thing just without that first if conditional being activated.

I don't want to totally rebuild this circuit board but just in case, do you guys have any other troubleshooting ideas I could use to solve this?

Thanks so much for any help!


Need a circuit diagram...  Have you double checked every connection? (with a multimeter, electrons can see things your eyes cannot.)
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