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Hi, I'm trying to connect a battery holder to Arduino, but I have no idea how to do it, can anyone give me some advise?
I attached the photo below, basically, it has 2 wires coming out from the battery holder, I connected them to the switch,then using any 2 wires, trying to connect to Arduino.
Or is there any Arduino use battery holder? with a connector on it?


Your 4.8V battery pack (shown) will be barely adequate for powering the Arduino.
The red wire should go to "5V" and the black wire should go to "Gnd".

"Vin" (using the "DC IN" jack) requires 7 to 9V.

Good -- http://adafruit.com/products/80
Better -- http://www.adafruit.com/products/248
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if I use 1.5V battery instead, do you think it will be working?


The 4 rechargeables will work. Battery life may not be the longest. You may see some erratic operation if the motors draw a lot of current and battery voltage drops, in which case use a separate battery for the arduino and the pack for the motors, with a common ground.
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