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Funky Diver

Two particularly good articles on here for antenna creation

It's often a bit more than just range you need to consider.  A cloverleaf with a high gain patch will also cut out cross polarity interference, something you especially need to consider with a moving object.


Being close to the ground presents a different set of problems than a flying platform.

Im always surprised that cloverleaf antennae stay in shape on an aircraft!!!

A cloverleaf WOULD look pretty cool on a rover!


Funky Diver

You're right, there's more reflected wave forms on the deck.  More of a reason to use circular polarised antennae ;-)

So far as staying in shape is concerned, there's only really one chance for it to get bashed in a flight unless you're doing it wrong, lol.

Personally I'd go for a virivent, they "apparently" perform better than a Clover and have a flatter profile.

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