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Hi all.  I am searching the forums and websites for answers, but I would like to hook my arduino up to a cell phone in order to send sms'.  I happen to have a nokia 6310 and I noticed that it's pinout:

has the Tx and Rx pins.  I see some have already asked this question but never got a replys:

Why would it not be possible to directly hook the arduino up to the Tx and Rx ports on the phone and communicate via AT to send sms'?


Hi I'm having same problem. I'm pretty certain these phones use fbus/MBus


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I used to have a Nokia 6133 before I upgraded to an Android phone.  I used to play around with AT commands using gnokii on Linux, including the commands to set up a network connection, so you might want to look at that site (http://gnokii.org/), and possibly do source code delving.  I don't remember what cable I used on the 6133, perhaps it was a straight mini-usb.

You might check http://gnokii.org/cables.shtml and http://www.panuworld.net/nuukiaworld/ on cable making.


The interface on these Nokia phones is "fbus" and not a simple serial AT type command set.  The nice folks at embedtronics refer to an AVR implementation of fbus, but I haven't been able to find it anywhere.  There is definitely a trick to getting this going, and all the work I did to try to get this going is here:

In the end, I would recommend using a different phone -- I think the Ericsson and Siemens phones have a more tractable interface protocol -- or using a purpose-built GSM module.  The latter is what I eventually did.  While tinkering with fbus was interesting and all, I finally found that I just wasn't making headway.

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