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Hello! I'm doing Midi Controller and have tested many different codes to get it work Code in this topi works perfect. But I have trouble to get another potentiometer connected... If I mod the code like this

Code: [Select]

#include <MIDI.h>

// Variables:
int cc_potikka1 = 0;
int AnalogValue_potikka1 = 0; // define variables for the controller data
int lastAnalogValue_potikka1 = 0; // define the "lastValue" variables

int cc_potikka2 = 0;
int AnalogValue_potikka2 = 0; // define variables for the controller data
int lastAnalogValue_potikka2 = 0; // define the "lastValue" variables

void setup() {
  //  launch MIDI


void loop()
AnalogValue_potikka1 = analogRead(0);
AnalogValue_potikka2 = analogRead(1);
//  convert to a range from 0 to 127:
cc_potikka1 = AnalogValue_potikka1/8;
cc_potikka2 = AnalogValue_potikka2/8;
// check if analog input has changed

if (lastAnalogValue_potikka1 != cc_potikka1)
// update lastAnalogValue variable
lastAnalogValue_potikka1 = cc_potikka1;
}  //  endif

if (lastAnalogValue_potikka2 != cc_potikka2)
// update lastAnalogValue variable
lastAnalogValue_potikka2 = cc_potikka2;
}  //  endif

and try to mapping that my software (Traktor) and using those as pitchfaders, Traktor move both faders sametime, doesn't matter which fader I touch. Can somebody explain me how this need to change to get it work right?

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