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I want to make a shield that will be able to program ATtiny 44,45,84,85

Originally I planned on using an 8pin zif and a 14 pin zif but I was supprised that 8pin are either very rare or really hard to find.

I decided to try using a 14 pin zif and use it to do both the 14 and 8 pin

You will see some jumps traces that will allow me to install pin 1 of the 8 pin into pin 2 of the zif and then it should be all connected and be able to be programmed.

My concern is that I am jumping pins so when the 14 pin chip is installed I want to make sure that nothing really can go wrong.  I think i have picked all i/o pins but I want to make sure im not missing a big detail here. In which case I will have to find another way to do it or use a regualr socket for 8pin :(

Anyway here is a pic. Hopefully someone will be able to chime in.

Thanks in advance for looking

hmm doesn't seem to want to load the pic. here is a link


If you want to buy one, http://arduino.cc/forum/index.php/topic,115602.0.html

Looks like they are sold out though. I might ask him if he'll be making any more, or whether the design is open source.


Don't forget that ArduinoISP has status outputs on pins 7, 8, and 9 meant to drive LEDs. Pin 9 is a pulsing "heartbeat" to show that ArduinoISP is loaded (extremely valuable!), pin 7 shows that the upload is occurring, pin 8 denotes an error.

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