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I'm wondering about making something like this

...and connecting it Ito my iPad 2 and having it work with the app GarageBand.

It seem that midi devices can work with GarageBand.


Can I program my UNO to send out a midi signal that can go directly to the iPad? 


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So what does this mean for you, the user?
Well for starters it means you should be able to hook up a midi-keyboard to your iPad via the Apple iPad Camera Connection Kit, which has been found to be a very useful USB interface for the iPad.  How this will be integrated by developers and users is yet to be seen but leaves many of us very excited.

So if an Arduino can imitate a midi device, I should be able to connect it to the iPad (with the camera conn kit) with a usb cable, and not even need the standard midi connectors?


Indeed the AirHarp USB (available at AirHarp.com) has been tested to work with an iPad 2 running numerous apps, including GarageBand, Animoog and Nanostudio!


Of course you do need the so-called "Camera Connection Kit" to give your iPad a USB port to plug into.

~ Peter

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