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Introduce a supplier for you that I knew via a SeeedStudio distributor.

I had them assemble 10 prototype boards. Per boards only cost 15 dollars. Very cheap price and also fast delivery, I received my boards after around 2 weeks.


Here is the picture that they sent to me when the boards were finished.


You can send your Gerber files to a PCB manufacturing company. There are many CPB manufacturing company who provide small run PCB assembly with quick turn time as less as 24 hours.


PCBNPI.COM is your best choice for your low volume projects. Reasonalbe cost and professional service.Free DFM file checking service is awesome. Special offer for new customers: Free laser cut stencil for PCB order. Send your file to sales@pcbnpi.com for a quotation!
E-mail: sales@pcbnpi.com
Site: http://www.pcbnpi.com
PCBNPI TECH--Professional PCB Fab / PCB Assembly Service Provider From China.


PCBWAY is a good choice for both Fab and Assembly. Just went through my first FAB+Assembly order and here is my experience:

Quote from SEED-

The quote never arrived.. I have nothing good to say about my experience with SEED. I design the system specifically around SEED parts using their design guidelines and part catalog on OPL.  I was able to complete the design with only 2 parts not being a SEED part. When I tried to get a quote online they said I needed an offline quote to proceed for the 2 parts. I emailed the address provided and then they told me they are not doing online quotes for the US at this time. I then called and they said they would. I then emailed and reminded them. I got a response saying that I need to do it online. I replied explaining I could not. Got another response saying giberish. That went on for about 15 emails until I gave up and paid to redesign the board using standard parts which essentially double my initial cost because I pay by the hour for a designer I use....

Quote from Advanced Circuits-

The quote less than 2 days to receive and was a little on the pricey-end although their return times are pretty quick. Too expensive for me but I would recommend them for just PCB fabrication because I have used them before and they are very good but again not the cheapest. $35 a board or so.

Quote from Screaming Circuits-

The quote 1 day to receive and their turn around times are crazy fast. I looked into them because they are very fast, like 1 week fast. They were the most expensive though. $1350 for 5 boards was the subtotal before processing and shipping.  

Quote from PCBWAY-

The quote arrived less than 24 hours. They seemed to want my business and worked with my time constraint. Extremely good prices only $58 for fab on 5 boards on 24hour express option!  PCB fab was done in a night! Assembly fee was only $129 plus parts for 5 boards which I think is a great deal.  After shipping I paid about $300 total to receive 5 boards fully assembled. The boards where also pretty large(4" diameter circles) with several components both through hole and SMD. They shipped my order 8 days after I placed it. Shipping takes about a week. Nearly a 2/3 week turn around for a company not in the states is pretty incredible.

I am using again for another project soon.
They also do large qty orders and their Part prices are pretty good. Would recommend them.



Hi Pico - This is Duane Benson from Screaming Circuits chiming in.

What's really important, is matching your needs to the strengths of the assembly shop, and making sure your data is solid. Good shops will catch most data irregularities, but no one can build anything better than the data they get. Even from the best folks, about 70% of what we see has some data that needs to be corrected or clarified.

Here's a blog post that gives some advice on making the transition from hand build to outsourced assembly: blog.screamingcircuits.com/2016/06/from-hand-assembly-to-robotic-assembly.html. Most of what's in our blog is advice to engineers based on traps we see in our operations.

It's really about tradeoffs: time vs. money, expertise vs. money, and the amount of work you need to put in vs. money.

We do a lot of high-end work, so, as has been noted, our fast turns can seem pretty expensive if you're used to hand building. We also have a service we call Short-Run Production that has a few more requirements, but is much more competitively priced in the hundred plus volumes. You can get a quote online without having to register or talk to anyone.

Duane Benson


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Hello, I think I can help with your PCB assembly needs. Recently I have been working with a Shenzhen fab called PCBWin(www.pcbwin.com/a). My friend recommends this fab to me, so I had a try.

They said usually their customers provide the components to them, but they can also source the parts if thier customers need. Anyway, I choose to send them the components and let them make the boards and do the assembly for me. When I receive the goods they sent to me by DHL, I was surprised. After I tested the boards, the results are out of my expectation, because their work is just excellent! All the baords are good, no problem at all! So after this cooperation with PCBWin, I decided to work with them for a long time.

I hope my experience with this fab could do you some help. I am sure you will have the same good experience with PCBWin too!


Standard PCB assembly process including set up, SMT machine programming, thermal profile settings, etc. In small-run PCB assembly, the components are much smaller and component placed on both sides of the board.


In small-run PCB assembly, the components are much smaller and component placed on both sides of the board.


"In small-run PCB assembly, the components are much smaller and component placed on both sides of the board."

Not necessarily. I try to keep designs single-sided for components so that only 1 solder-pastes stencil is needed, and only 1 solder reflow operation is needed (we do not glue parts to boards when w manually place them).
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I came across Imagineering and was wondering if anyone here worked with them before. They are an offshore supplier and provide small run pcb assembly.. the site is http://www.pcbnet.com/capabilities/pcb-assembly Any feedback would be appreciated.

Thanks in advance  ;)


Hi all, found this on Google and wanted to ask if anyone have any experience working with East End Assemblies. I am looking for about 25 pieces in my first order, so I'm looking forward of hearing your recommendations for a company that will do low amount orders for affordable prices ideally in the region of New York.

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