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Hi All,

I've just launched a new project on Kickstarter called the TinyDuino and TinyLily.  This is a family of boards that shrink the size of the Arduino to a new low, but without giving up the signals, processor power / memory, and expansion capabilities (via shields) that make the Arduino so powerful. 

The TinyDuino is just 20mmx20mm (Smaller than a US Quarter)!, but still has stackable shield support and all the Arduino shield signals available!  And it uses the same Atmel microcontroller as used on the Arduino Uno.

The TinyLily Mini is 14mm in diameter (Smaller than a US dime)!  This board has large sewtabs for easy soldering to, and also uses the same ATmega328p as used on an Uno. 

I'm interested in any feedback you have on this project, and look forward to hearing everyone's thoughts. 



Ken @ TinyCircuits (http://Tiny-Circuits.com)


Did you put a 32kHz crystal on the Xtal/TOSC pins?
This... is a hobby.


The current versions of the boards do not have a 32kHz crystal, however we are planning on adding one on the next revision of the TinyDuino board.  The existing boards we're made to be very similar to the existing Arduino Uno which also does not have a 32kHz crystal. 

Having a low freq crystal is extremely useful for any low power project that would run off the coin cell and need to sleep the majority of the time, and a number of the makers we've talked too are very interested for us to add this, so it's being worked on now.




Actually... I was thinking that you'd use the internal oscillator of the chip and the 32kHz crystal would be used for timekeeping.

Either way, that is a fuse setting away and having that possibility is a plus. :)
This... is a hobby.

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