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Hi all.

I am a student working on a project that to make a motion sensor device which can detect the motion of the user and send the data to a smart phone by Bluetooth.

We are using MPU6050 mems sensor and Lilypad USB for the project.

In order to use the digital motion processor function of MPU6050, I have to connect the INTpin of MPU6050 to the external interrupt pin which is pin A2 or A3 on Lilypad USB. However, I also have to connect the SDA and SCL of the sensor to pin A2 and A3.

So can I connect INT and SDA (or SCL) of the sensor to pin A2 (or A3) on Lilypad USB at the same time?
If not, is there any solution to this problem?

I am using the library from here: https://github.com/jrowberg/i2cdevlib

Sorry for not having good knowlegde on Arduino stuff. :smiley-sad:
Any suggestion is appreciated!

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