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I really do appreciate you taking the time to do this  :)  My coding skills are weak and this will give me a great opportunity to dissect known-good code in an attempt to better understand.



I am not sure how I am messing this up  :smiley-red:

The code seems to run fine but the only thing that increments is Tu

I confirmed the connection to pin 4 has 5V on it and even pulled it out/stuck it back in several times to replicate pulses...nada

Is there some dependency on the lightning code I am missing?


stop before you damage your input pin - forget my code and the meter

start here!


after you master lesson5

you need to wire the meter up like a switch with a resistor


The pin is set as an input, the only source of voltage is from the Arduino itself (5V) and pins are rated for 5V so...no need for alarm (or for a resistor) right?


Current is the issue

Use a 10k to protect

Also try a zero valve for the denounce to see if that's the issue


Using a 10k pulldown resistor to ground along with the blue wire and red (connected directly to 5 volts) worked like a champ with the code provided previously by pantonvich  :)

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