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what is wrong with Wiki and Google?
Because as new users we want to come here and have things explained thoroughly and clearly.
It is often a problem to me that answers amount to "read wikipedia and study electronics better" and it's not useful.  We might not be able to understand a complex wikipedia topic without days of researching the prerequisite knowledge.  Without someone like @Jimmee explaining things in a clear and well pitched way, it'd be very hard to understand this info, especially when there have been previous incorrect answers to confuddle things.

Nobody should be depending on this forum for answers.
I think all users, especially new ones, should absolutely "depend on this forum for answers". 
I think it's an elitist sentiment to tell people asking questions to just google it yourself, especially on a forum for a hobbyist electronics controller like Arduino.
You post a lot so I understand it must sometimes be frustrating helping people who don't understand a topic, but we really do appreciate people who regularly help others to understand.  These forums are an amazing resource, due to hard working people like yourselves.

Sorry to bump the thread, but all future users shouldn't reach the end of this and be intimidated from asking/answering questions.


You are so wrong. The reason for the answers is, just like you, they fail to read the beginning posts relating to how to use the forum and the information needed to get a usable answer.


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