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Hi folks,

I'd like to use another pins to program my Arduino UNO. I can't use 0 (UART RX) and 1 (UART TX) since it doesn't work with my shield. Is that possible to change it within the bootloader ?



Theoretically.  You would have to build, compile, and burn a new bootloader first.
(and if you can do that, you might be better off just avoiding the bootloader and using "upload using programmer" and an ISP programmer of some kind (that you'd need to be able to burn a new bootloader, anyway.)


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What he ^ said. Just buy a USBASP.
Mine cost a whopping $2.56 delivered. (And that's in worthless Australian dollars. :D )
Please do not PM me for help. I am not a personal consultant.
And others will benefit as well if you post your question publicly on the forums.


And you really should give proper information - what shield was this that has such a problem?

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