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I am working on a project that requires the use of asynchronous timers using Atmega 328 chips, but none of the chips I have seem to work correctly, and I dont know why. I am guessing that my chips are just somehow not working right

So I need a verified good source of Atmega 328 chips that support the use of internal oscillators and if you have done it, asynchronous timer mode.

Also needing a good source of 32.768 kHz crystals that work. I currently have a few from digikey, but IDK if they are all good.

US vendors are great, but if shipping is fast I dont mind going international.



I have about 20 12.5pF 32.768 watch (DS1307) crystals... Be Happy to sell 10 or 15 of them  @ 50 - 75 cents each... Email Me... I'm in So Cal...

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Are you sure you have the fuses set correctly for using the crystal?
I don't know what's needed, but that could be the issue.
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Digikey is a reputable vendor, they don't sel rubbish. I suspect you are doing something wrong.
Try some of the timer tutorials as they work.


I have tried just about every tutorial, help page, info page, or other information regarding this. I even asked here and Nick Gammon wrote me some verified code. I got nothing. At all. Somethings up, and I want to make sure it isnt me.... :)



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By what method are you trying program the chips -- usart (tx/rx) or spi (icsp)?

Have you set your fuses correctly for what you are trying to do? (I notice you didn't answer Crossroad's question.) If your fuses aren't set correctly, you'll be going nowhere fast.

If you are trying to program by usart, have you uploaded the correct bootloader?

Saying "I've read everything out there" isn't very helpful for people trying to figure out how to help you. Tell us exactly what steps you've taken, in order.
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but none of the chips I have seem to work correctly, and I dont know why.

Your code, your set-up, etc. It is unlikely that the chips are bad.

As to a verified source: I would go with any reputable distributor or a local shop. Some stranger off the internet hardly count as a "verified source".

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