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I have a small project that i would like to try and do but im not sure what i need to buy. i basically just want to make a small 4 wheeled robot that has the ability to be controlled over bluetooth or wifi. what board/addons should i get?


The Arduino Uno has the most shields made for it and has the most support. It is the generally the best for beginners.

You should look at www.instructables.com at some of the robot projects and find one that interests you.

In the mean time, get an Uno and perhaps a beginners kit of LEDs, resistors, and pots so, that you can get your feet wet.


Then motor control shield,
Wi-Fi or bluetooth shield
Batteries and a battery charger.
This... is a hobby.


ok thanks allot :) there are so many boards. in your opinion whats a good starter kit?


  There are a lot of kits out there but, here is one list from a good seller. http://adafruit.com/category/17_64


Arduino announced a pretty complete looking starter kit  yesterday inthe Products section.

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