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Hi there, just saw that it's sold out in the Arduino store, and i checked the Canadian distributors and none of them have it yet. Can't even find them on ebay. I hate to repeat previous questions, but does anyone know roughly when they will be back in stock in the Arduino store and/or when Canadian distributors will start carrying them?



Yes, I got a reply from the Arduino Store that it will be in stock around Nov 15th or so.


Does anyone know which distributor in Mexico will sell this starter kit???, I'm really interested in getting one.



The first batch went out super quick... now there is a stupid component that is late.. but I know the factory bought a lot of them to make sure we don't run out again

thanks for your patience



I just received my Starter Kit in today.  The kit is very well done.  The project book appears very well written also.  It has clear instructions and explanations.  The book is well laid out with pictures and diagrams and code examples.  I'm looking forward to go thru this kit with my daughter who just got started with Arduino.

Excellent Job Arduino team!



thanks for the feedback!
It was a lot of work so i'm glad you like it!!



Great work with Arduino starter kit!
i received it yesterday from RS Components, beautiful package, and much more i'd appreciate the book too, at 60yo as absolute beginner in electronics i'm happy to say i have  understood this night more than in previous 60 years :).
Just an info about Project2- Love-o-meter- : the temperature sensor, as referred in the book,  is supposed to be a TMP36.
In my "components box"  the temp sensor is not a TMP 36, and seems it works badly,  may be because it is not a TMP36 ? May be the data in the datasheet are not the same as TMP36?



really difficult to read, may be something as

tmp 38GZ #1139 217181

ty for your answer



My kit says TMP 36GZ ...
Try using a magnifier if you are having a hard time reading the small text.


may be u are right :) , sorry me .


I've just received this kit. (RS in the UK still have some)

I have to say, it is absolutely beautiful! The book is so well designed and colourful - making it worthwhile not being a Kindle version.

I can't wait to get started tinkering. I'm not a total beginner - but I like supporting Arduino.

The only slight issue is that the bolts that are to attach the arduino to the board are stick out about twice as far as the legs, meaning they can't be used. I'm sure that I can pick up some from a hardware store - or I could put them in upside-down and have the bolts stick out on top.

Well done Massimo for such a lovely product. Thanks.


As a long-time educator and purchaser of Arduino-kits at a major educational institution, I just wanted to give my 5 cents.

The components and projects look very entertaining and you do not spare more complex stuff such as an H-bridge and LCD-display, great!

The book is not available online, it is only in print and i presume you have copyrighted it.
The box in boxes will break if the kits need to be lent to students, sequentially.

Those are my first remarks, if you get closer to spark fun, you'd stifle my doubts, and we'd start supporting Arduino at the source.
However the con's are deal breakers for us.

best / ole kristensen

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