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not to take away from this product.. ;)

but what do you mean 'access to the SD card'?

I have a (variation) of the Adafruit Waveshield...

and I have/get access to the SD card... 

not only to obviously load/play .wav file from it... but I also put a .txt file on the SD card.. and load that first to set some 'parameters' for the sketch  (ammo count, safety on/off, set color of the RGB led in the blaster/barrel.. all externally editable by a .txt file on the SD card)

maybe Im missing something though?



Sorry your right, I did look at the Adafruit shield, I forget about it as I preferred a design with a sub processor to do all the wave work, and leave the Arduino free for other duties.

It may well fit my needs at a pinch, can you tell me: Do you get write access to the SD card ? Can you have two files open at once ? and can the Arduino do anything else while playing a wav file or is it pretty much flat out ?



The Adafruit wave shield is a SD card connected direct to the Arduino, and a 12-bit SPI DAC also connected direct to the Arduino.

You get mono playback at a maximum rate of (iirc) 22050Hz, and the Arduino is almost flat out at that point.

Accessing the SD card is like any other directly connected SD card.  Whatever the SD lib can do, you can do with that card.

The sound is shite when compared to the WavePro though - 12-bit mono 22.05KHz compared with 16-bit stereo, 44.1KHz (CD quality).  Fine for the odd little sound effect though, but I wouldn't want to use it for anything needing any form of quality, like music production etc.  If you haven't done so, you should check out some of the things I have done in testing: https://soundcloud.com/majenko/ and Moshang's demo of three boards, the WavePro included: https://soundcloud.com/moshang/waveshield-ras-wavepro


All noted, as if I wasn't convinced already, another point: The sub processor design also leaves a lot more program memory spare.



Hello sir!

Any updates on the production status of this shield?  I am an audio engineer currently working on a project that requires HQ (16-bit, 44.1kHz, uncompressed PCM) audio playback in order to illicit an otoacoustic emission by way of a small, standalone device.  (Basically, it's a box with a big button that says "Do not press this button." Activation will play back a sound I've engineered to feel as if it is happening "inside" your head.)




I am also interested to hear when is WavePro going to be available for purchase.


Yeah, alright, I'll get back onto working on it ;)

I'm part way through a bit of a redesign, breaking the power systems up into three separate domains to try and combat SD card induced noise.  It's a bit of a mare TBH...


Good to hear, it was starting to slip into the realms of vapourware. Don't forget the SD card access functions to ;)


I guess you can call it "vapourware" by now. As is the Rugged Audio shield, so there are no HQ audio shields for Arduino left. :(

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