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Hi guys,

I have an arduino UNO board with ATMEGA328 chip on it, i want to use the chip off board, means i will plug out the chip and put it into pcb,

but, while doing that i broke one of the chip leg,  :~ ,

so i bought a new one, the same ATMEGA328 chip and plug it into arduino board to upload the program,

but i cant, as i always get this error, avrdude: stk500_getsync(): not in sync: resp=0x00

can anyone please help me on this?  :~



Did you purchase an Atmega328p with Optiboot or other bootloader?


im not sure, but i think its a bare chip..


You are going to need a AVR programmer or a working Arduino w/ bootloader.  Which pin did you break?  Do you have a breadboard?


i have another working arduino, so i tried bootlader the chip between 2 arduino uno board, like this:

but the program gave me error not sync while i try burn bootloader at step 7,

Please help me out.. thank you very much ,


Just hook things up like the pictures and upload Atmega Board Programmer:

Then open the serial monitor @ 115200 baud.


i got it now guys,! Thank you so much!  :D

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