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Hello all,
I am trying to capture image from ov7670 (http://dx.com/p/ov7670-300kp-vga-camera-module-for-arduino-147742) using arduino.
Please help me in my task.
Thanks in advance!!!!


What have you tried?

What do you intend to do with the data if you are successful in collecting it?

I think that if those (expletive deleted) cheap skates are going to claim that the camera is Arduino compatible, they should provide a library and sample sketches. Otherwise they are just lying cheats.



Look this website, download the library and try :)



Did youo figure something about ir?


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It seems that they have add support for MT9D111 camera module, Great! :)



so.. it is not possible to connect the OV7670 module directly to the Arduino Board... it needs the ArduCAM module...

is it?..  :.


Hi, I have the same problem, how to connect this camera to arduino?!!!

And I discovered this:

That it's a realy good job of this guy, and the best, he recomend this link:

Here the guy explain how to connect the camera to the arduino, and make one test with it and a TFT display, and give the code for anyone can test, this it's realy usefull

I discovered this too:

This look like a testing code, but we have to read and understand what it's realy, so it's more heavy

I hope I can help you.

Good luck


Sorry for the bump but this is the first thing that appears on google.
I got my arduino uno to save a 640x480 image to an sd card read how I did it plus sample code at http://arduino.cc/forum/index.php/topic,159557.0.html


A very n00bie question, the OV7670 uses 3.3V and I want to use a (5V) UNO with it. How do I go about doing that? I have seen 3.3V power supplies on eBay, but there seem to be a few different level shifters, too, and things like the 74HC245. What's the recommended way of doing this?


Hello :)

Don't you have a 3.3V output pin on your Uno ?



Yep, I have a 3.3V output on the Arduino but I didn't think that would supply enough current to power the camera. Also, the data signals for the OV7670 are all 3.3V if I understand correctly, and I imagine would be hurt by the 5V Arduino signals. These are the sorts of things I'd seen


and I was wondering if that's what's needed, or if I could just use a (for example) 74HC245.


You could use the 245 for level shifting down. IMO, just connect the data out of the camera right to the Arduino inputs and the data outputs from the Arduino to a 10k/20k resistor voltage divider.

You can certainly power the camera from the 3V3 out. The Arduino has a separate regulator for it, which should source enough current.



so.. it is not possible to connect the OV7670 module directly to the Arduino Board... it needs the ArduCAM module...

is it?..  :.

It seems to me by examining the arduCam shield that it's simply using either an ARM processor, FIFO memory or both to simply  buffer the image data, then send it via SPI to the arduino.  so it appears that it 'should' be able to connect the camera directly without the shield.  I've looked thru all of the arducam library code looking for hints of what arduino pins are used for the mega boards but didn't find any defines or pin configuration.  I want to try this library first, but was wanting to know if ANYONE knows how to connect the camera module directly to the arduino mega pins.  A wiring diagram would be even better.  I plan on driving the camera's XCLK pin with a 16mhz crystal.  also I read on several forums something about using pullup resistors on the SPI or MOSI/MISO pins but not sure why.  is there any info or advice on this matter?  any help would be appreciated and I would be happy to share my results if I get it working

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