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Why not use a proper mosfet driver IC such as TC4420 or TC4429? These will convert a logic signal from 5v to 12V and have good output drive in both directions.
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Now that is perfect, exactly what im looking for in terms of size and functionality as well as simplicity
thank you


Well, if you're going to go shopping then why not get a logic-level FET?
How much current is the FET supposed to switch, anyway?
At first I thought this was about Arduino and using some IRF-type FETs you had on hand.
Then it turns out it was an about an op-amp (comparator).

[I'm not "annoyed", just asking questions.]
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I am shopping around still, there is a 328p involved but its too busy to do the job of the comparator, I already decided on the mosfets for this project and bought those,(4 for an hbridge and one to turn the whole thing off entirely separate )
its more for incorporating into the design for my much larger project, I just was interested in finding the best wayfor my needs, I have 5v and 12v readily accessible I just didn't know the best(simplest) way to do it, using a dedicated driver that can be controlled from logic makes sense I just didn't think of even looking for something like that, I was first thinking of a non discrete way, but this definetly fits perfect


If the signal to be amplified is AC only, then a transformer is a simple way to level shift, but won't give power-amplification.
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I understand this post is old but for less than $5 digikey has exactly what you need


Not sure what you meant by "amplify", but if you meant linear amplification, a cheapo LM386 will do.

For digital, get a npn.

isnt amplify and linear amplification the same thing?


What do you think would be the easiest, si plest way to turn a 5v signalinto a 12v signal? Im thinking either comparator with a 12 supply, or two npn transistors tho this doessnt seem as fast or energy effewcient
any other ways im not thinking of? It will basically be usedfor powering a mosfet so I need atleast 10-11 of my 12v supply, and its actually more important it turns off faster than it does on, so im thinking I may want to drive it low but idk which is best(btw its about 1000nc gate charge)
Simplest way is using a gate driver chip.  Designed for the purpose, loads of variants available.  Turns on and off with programmable dead time in some instances.
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