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shock sensor
And you found it necessary to revive this old thread to post the same link as I posted Feb, 9?

// Per.


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Piezoelectric shock-sensor. Moves the heads to a safe place on the platters, and probably sets a bit in the chipset that tells the manufacturer that you invalidated your warranty.


// Per.
Sorry this reply took so long but your info was posted 3 years after I initially asked, so I had long since given up on the question and never saw your post until now.

Anyway, I'm 100% sure you nailed it. The parts are designated "SKn" which makes sense... SK=shock. And, one of the links you posted mentioned that the hard drives which use these usually mount 3 of them at 45 degree angles to each other (again makes sense to determine which direction a shock came from)... and indeed the PC board photo I posted is from a hard drive and they are at 45 degrees to each other.

So, besser sp├Ąt als nie, Ja?... thank you for the reply and the info... and a Karma++ for you too.

Thanks again!
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