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Those graphic lcd screens are great for indoor uses. They are very difficult to see outdoors.

So if you don't ride your bike indoors or in dark alleys most of the times, think again.


Ya, you might be right....
how difficult is the transition from such a screen to a Android device?
I would like to end up using the Android phone with its display anyways.
So, If I were to use that display at first for testing that would be fine.


I still need help with my shopping list.
Are the things ok? Is this what I should get?
What accessories, wires, connectors, switches etc. should I get to have something to work with?


Hey man drop me a line I am looking into starting up a E bike Arduino PC of some sort.
I have a few ideas would like to know where you want to endup.
I also have another guy that I have been bouncing ideas off also

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