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Hello to you developers,

I need someone to build a data logger that can log temperature, gps coordinates+altitude with a recording interval of 2-10 second. The recording interval can be hard-wired at 5 seconds if necessary.
I have no clue about the system, but please tell me if the device could also record pressure and humidity data. These are optional, but could be included in the project if possible and do not inflate the budget.

Temperature measurement should be fast (and accurate), a thermocouple could be used here. The temp sensor should adjust in the 2-10 seconds interval to measure the changed temp value.

The data recorded and stored should be downloadable on a windows xp computer as a text file/csv file/any file format which contains a table with the data. USB connection preferred.

It should run on batteries (AA preferred). 

I have no parts, the selection and purchase of parts is also the task of the developer (using money received in advance of course).
The finished product should be shipped in the EU, so EU developers preferred.

Please send questions, quotes, schedule to balamber@gmail.com

Thank you.
Best, Tiha


You may want to specify the expected range of temperature since that may limit the choice of temperature sensing devices.

It would also be useful to know how long the device must record.  That will determine how large a memory is needed and the necessary battery capacity.

Is there any weight limit?

I've built such a device before, for high-altitude balloon data recording.  Unfortunately for you I am not in the EU.
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