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Hi everyone,
I am building a custom circuit board with an Arduino Mega plugged onto it in the bottoms up position. The board will contain several connectors, (1-wire, LCD, X10 etc) as well as a Real Time Clock, hardware debounced pushbuttons w/interrupt, SD card reader, etc. I have somewhat limited eyesight and am unable to solder smt parts (TSSOP) to breakout boards. I have
checked around Atlanta, Ga and can find no one that will do a 1 or 2 part order. If I wanted 100 of the same chip and board they would be glad to do it. If anyone knows where I can get this done for a small fee please let me know.


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If you're just talking about soldering the one or two boards, I'd do it for free for the cost of postage. I'm nowhere near the East Coast but Priority Mail is decently fast and cheap. Basically if you sent the parts to me Monday with $5 for postage I could have it back to you Friday-ish. (I just realized Monday is a government holiday, but still the turnaround will not be too bad.)
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I would be happy to do it too. I also have a huge supply of components and breakout boards on hand.  I would just charge for any additional parts used plus shipping.
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Thanks guys! I will be in touch with one or both of you shortly.


I've managed to make my own 28 pin TSSOP single sided circuit boards using the Toner Transfer method.  I've over 50, so you know my eye sight is shot too... but I just wanted to say... it *is* possible.  I needed to be real careful, but I did have success.

I use those over the head super magnifiers and lots of liquid flux (the clear non viscous stuff)

FYI: I'm in Atlanta.  Sorry though... I'm a DIY'r and not a board shop.

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