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Are there any DIP AtMega chips that have USB onboard - e.g. like the SMD ATMEGA32U4 the teensy (http://www.pjrc.com/teensy/) uses, and can run arduino code?

This would be great for so many projects, even if it were more expensive than a standard 168/328 it'd be so much cheaper than adding a USB converter chip too.

I guess as PCB manufacturing costs come down it'll be easier to SMD parts like this at home too...


No, unfortunately that's a major flaw made by atmel, as PIC as a lot of chips in DIP packages with usb hardware.
To have an USB atmega it must be some sort of smd and even those are pretty scarce an some models are out of stock for months.


There are software based implementations of USB for a lot of Atmel chips.  But in most cases there is probably too much overhead in using the software approach.

The other option would be to get a SMD chip and then just use a breakout board.  They are available dirt cheap from e-bay and SMD devices aren't that hard to solder with a normal soldering iron.

That being said... I would gladly make available for sale any chip you wanted on some sort of breakout board.
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Yep I have tried a metaboard, which allows you to run Arduino code, and you can PROGRAM over USB with no extra hardware, but you can't use Serial.print or .read, which is a major downer.

Yep might have to start looking at SMD chips. I was thinking more for "final" projects, so don't really want to go down the breakout path.

I wonder if the metaboard which uses the V-USB firmware could be made to talk serial over USB - I'd put up a $50 bounty for anyone could do that - I'm sure others would contribute too...

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