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Hi all,

I'm quite excited about this website (I don't have anything to do with them).


Web-based design of circuits and PCBs, with the idea that you can order your PCBs directly from them in the near future (site is a beta).

If someone uploads a basic Arduino shield people can then "fork" it and use it for their own projects!

They have a few Arduino related schematics already: http://www.circuits.io/circuits?q=arduino


We have an Arduino shield template available which allows to super easily create your own custom shields on the site http://www.circuits.io/circuits/497 . Just "Fork and edit" the template and get started creating your own shield in minutes.

All designs can be downloaded as Gerber files which can successfully be manufactured. The integrate PCB ordering will be live soon.

Ben Schrauwen
co-founder circuits.io

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