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On October 26 - 28, 2012, more than 200 artists, hackers, designers, architects and engineers from around the world will meet in Berlin for the second time to exchange and explore creative ideas.

Following last year's very successful Create. Art and Technology conference, Germany's first forum for artists and inventors is taking place for the second time, organized by a new team and with a new name: Retune Conference.

Designers, artists, hackers, architects and engineers all are connected through the world wide web. They share knowledge about materials, tools and code in online communities. They document projects online and inspire others to remix and DIY. Digital production technologies which a few years ago used to be exclusive to industrial users, nowadays are accessible to everyone. New financing models facilitate the implementation of projects without the help of investors and banks.
All of these developments spark off a new, creative culture of innovation. Retune brings together a heterogenous group of people and presents examples as to how passionate experimenting, breaking up old paradigms and open-mindedness can change the world. The event location right in the middle of Berlin Kreuzberg links the conference with one of the hotspots of this innovative movement.
Presentations and workshops will provide basic and expertise knowledge: which production technique is best for which material? How do developers organize their work most efficiently? How do you turn LEDs into clothing? How to program a micro controller? How to make medical instruments from very simple materials? Insiders explain intriguing projects from concept to implementation. Musicians meet up for an open source music night and will perform with their self-made instruments. Designers and artists present their interactive installations.

Retune Conference, 26.-28.10.2012, Berlin, Germany
Website: www.retune.de
Tickets: 70€ / 50€ (reduced)

Some of the speakers
- Moritz Waldemeyer (waldemeyer.com)
- Memo Akten (memo.tv)
- Jose Gomez-Marquez (littledevices.org)
- Leigh Christie (leighchristie.com)
- Christian Zöllner (vrurban.org)
- Nils Völker (nilsvoelker.com)

- Fritzing & Arduino
- Introduction to Github
- Sugru
- 123Design: Mobile 3D Scanning

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