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Hi All,

I have put together an Atmega8u2 on a breakout board, for the purposes of putting the Hiduino (https://github.com/ddiakopoulos/hiduino) firmware on it, for communication with non-arduino-standard Atmegas (ie. 164/644/64 etc.).

Using the most basic circuit,10k pullup on reset, 16mhz resonator and 5v,gnd,rst,clk,mosi,miso to the USBasp (or arduinoISP), I try to load Hiduino on it but I'm yet to be able to get avrdude to recognize it.

-> avrdude: error: programm enable: target doesn't answer. 1

So I have a few questions. 

Firstly, does anyone know whether a 16mhz resonator is good enough for this purpose? Or is a crystal necessary? 

Secondly, this Uno (rev 1?) schematic I found shows a 27 Ohm resistor in series with the crystal http://brittonkerin.com/annotateduino/annotatable_uno.html    and the official rev3 schematic on this site, has a 1M in parallel with the crystal.  Can anyone shed some light on what these are for? Should I do this? Which one should I do?

And lastly,  if anyone has any other ideas why this might not be working (initial factory settings problem with the 8u2 chip?) I'd be grateful for any kind of advice.

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