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Hey guys,

i just found the handset of my old cybot by eaglemoss and i noticed theres a lcd display on it. I was wondering if anybody found a way to use it on an arduino card like a regular lcd display. The part is called "UC3 of handset" and the pin from up to down are:  reset, speaker, vss,vcc,audctr,clock and date. Is it reusable or it's just a piece of junk ?

I didnt found any datasheets for the part.

Thank you !

Update: i guess i could use the clock and data pin and use the lcd in i2c mode


Hi, im all for recycling hardware but with displays a few £'s on ebay it's hardly worth the effort, I also have said handset and i think it's more use as a remote handset if you can figure out the IR protocol, if yours has voice recognition that's even more reason to keep it complete as the resolution of the cybot handset display is not that great,
But don't let me stop you

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