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Hi, I just finished working on a controller board I built myself for wearable electronics projects. It's called SquareWear. I thought about posting it here in case someone may find it interesting. I designed it mainly as a low-cost solution for entry-level projects and wearable electronics workshops at schools. It has a built-in USB port (used for programming the microcontroller, creating USB serial communication, and charging battery), HID bootloader, power sink pins (suitable for driving high-current load), li-po charger, on-board LED and general-purpose push-button. Basically I've pictured it as a sewable microcontroller board that can get someone started right away -- no external programmer and no driver installation needed.

Here is an introduction video:


Find out more at http://www.sqrwear.com. Thanks.
DIY electronics project at http://rayshobby.net

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