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Is there a way to display the current date and time with Arduino Uno (or another Arduino brand board) without being connected to a computer? If so, which Arduino board can do this?  I am not sure if I need another chip/module as I would think this may need a battery.   If you have an example code for this, please post it here as well.  I will be saving the current date/time and other data to my data logger that's connected to the tx/rx connection.


You need an RTC module or some sort of network connection shield (Ethernet/WiFi) for NTP.


Thank you.  I thought the same thing.  I searched for this topic on the forum and someone mentioned there was a way to code for it, but they didn't mention that they had a module or were connected to a computer.  I appreciate your time.


This one has a nice RTC - https://www.adafruit.com/products/243 - and a tutorial (one of the tabs)
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For the ultimate of datalogging go into YouTube and look for "Arduino Wireless Temperature Data Logger - Alex Stranz" but I don't think the code is published

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