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Hey guys.. Kindly check out this nice little Arduino compatible board from eNTesla

eNTuino Atmega8 version :  http://entesla.com/development-board/arduino/entuino-arduino-atmega8

eNTuino Amega328 version: http://entesla.com/development-board/arduino/entuino-arduino-atmega328

What makes it different is that it has an on-board battery charging circuit for Li-Ion batteries...and its just 13$ - 17$


I don't like the fact that the ICSP headers are in a non-standard location. Shields like the USB host, SD card or Ethernet won't work with it.

That for me is a big let down.

Some of my projects:
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You can always use extended male headers on your shields to accommodate that extra space required.

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