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I am working on a project to implement a LED matrix lighting system. Since I just began with Arduino and coding, I was working on a small scale model of the project. For this, I bought a LED matrix panel from Adafruit:


Now as its mentioned on the product webpage also, implementing PWM is a bit difficult with Arduino uno. So rather than altering the frequency of the timers, I went for a advanced arduino board, namely Due, hoping that it would help prevent the flickering and basically PWM implementation would become easier.

So, currently, I have this arudino Due board and this panel and even though I am trying to read and understand the library from Adafruit for the panel for Arduino UNO and then working on to write a code for Arduino Due, I am struggling or rather stuck!

Could someone please provide as to how to go about it. Lighting the panel with Arduino Due and then PWM implementation, for that how to code.

For the final project, I have in mind this panel from TI - http://www.ti.com/tool/tida-00161 and then use Arduino Due for my project. But thats the later part, I am stuck with the small scale model itself.

Any help would be great!
Thanks a lot!

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