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I have finished the complete package to communicate on/off x10 commands that are store in an Arduino with a real time clock standalone controller.

1- The Arduino with a real time clock standalone controller with a data table just like the big boys.
2- Dotnet serial USB connection to send a CSV file of commands to the Arduino's data table.

See the descriptions on the web site,  http://ecoxsaver.com/

All done with all the sources on this site, exciting!!!  8)


Nice job.  My problem with X10 is their reliability.  My porch lights turn on at random times as does my attic light.  Then, the opposite happens, I push a remote control and nothing happens.  Really annoying when they turn on and I can't turn them off without going to the actual switch to push the button.

But, using an arduino to replace the controller is clever.


Thank you.

I wanted to use Java rather than CSharp but for some reason the serial interface was dropped. After completing the Dotnet version I am again venturing into using Java since I feel like I can get the earlier version of  javacomm to work. I certainly find Java and Eclipse much more rewarding than the VS2010 studio. To me it seems as if MS stole Java and called it CSharp, uhm.  XD

Well anyway...

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