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 if (Count++ == 40960)


Ok let me try to interpret what you write here- I guess that my caculation of the sampling rate is correct -
that the same calculation is used whether I want 4096 samples/s in freqband 1 or I want 40960 samples/s in freqband 0.

So if I let count continue to 40960 as you suggest, what would I expect? I would in theory end up with a 1 hz signal on D13 indicating 40960 samples/s - ok I will try it, but I have seen no activity at all on D13 when the sampling frequency gets over a certain point - I saw that point to be about 5000 samples/s. But I will try!


It works nicely with TC_RC = 64 and 1<TC_RA<TC_RC !


Here is a good Due timer / interrupt resource that got me going. http://2manyprojects.net/timer-interrupts


Don't know if that what you mean(need): https://github.com/ivanseidel/DueTimer



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