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Has someone tested the SimpleAudioPlayer sketch with DUE? If so, what was your chosen wav file?
I expect to receive by mail my DUE next week and my first wav file will be Funiculì, Funiculà by Turco/Denza!


Yes! I've tested the SimpleAudioPlayer with Nirvanas "Smells Like Teen Spirit". It works pretty awesome!!!



Aww - here I was thinking this was going to be "what was the first digitized audio you ever made"; kinda disappointed!

Oh well - here's mine: Way back in the mid-1980s, Radio Shack used to have a magazine dedicated to their microcomputer systems they sold. Inside one of the issues was a little machine language program that you could put on a Color Computer 2 (which I owned, thanks to my parents) that would turn on the cassette tape motor, read in a second or so of sound, digitize it to memory (like at 1-2 bits per sample - it was pretty awful), then play it back out the TV speaker. It sounded terrible; I don't remember what I sampled first, but it was likely my Styx Roboto tape...

Ok, some of you old farts out there - surely someone here digitized some sound to punch cards or something, right?
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Where can i find this sketch? on my mac i can't find it in the ide...


Hello Frances:

On the Arduino 1.5 IDE
Tools -> Board -> Arduino Due (Native USB Port)
File -> Examples -> Audio -> SimpleAudioPlayer


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