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I have an UNO R2 Arduino Board I am in desperate need for help! I have 30 RGB ws2801 LEDs that I am trying to get working. But I have no clue how to hook the wire to the board. All the forums show the ws2801 led with different color wires then my LEDs. Wires are as noted
wire color-LED
Blue- B
Green- G
White- Positive      turns to black at beginning and end
Red- R

Please help me connect the wires to the proper connections on the arduino UNO R2 board.


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Funky, that's the wrong pin layout for that specific string.  Look closely at the labels.  I have the same string.  Looking at the first picture, the wires are, from LEFT to RIGHT:
(SDI) Serial Data In, (CKI) Clock In, GND, VCC

Drm, download and install the FastSPI library.  (http://code.google.com/p/fastspi/)

Open the testleds example from the library.  Set it to use the WS2801 (read the first few lines of the example sketch).  Set a data rate of 2 like so:
Code: [Select]

Connect the VCC and GND lines to your Arduino's 5V VCC and GND.  Connect the SDI wire to the Arduino's MOSI pin (pin 11) and the CKI wire to the Arduino's SCK pin (pin 13).  Copmile and upload the sketch.

Report your results.


I have put the wires to the appropriate outputs. Now I am having trouble with the steps of controlling the LEDS. and sending the code to them. any help.And thanks for the wire help Kir


I can't help you if you don't tell me what you're doing.  I asked you to run the testleds sketch and see if that even works.  Now you're asking for help without giving any kind of idea what it is you're trying to do, or what code you're trying to send.  Doesn't work that way.

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