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How about this one: http://www.ebay.com/sch/i.html?_nkw=arduino+pro+mini
Under $4 for a small-footprint Mega328 device with voltage regulator, etc. It's simply not worth making your own these days...

Totally agree with that.
If you must have a m328 then get one
of the arduino minis or nanos.
The nano might be better in this case for a few dollars more

as the OP said he used all the pins and the nano brings out the A4 and A5 pins (plus A6 & A7)
to the dip pins along the side.
Plus the nano can connect directly to a USB connector power and


The Anatools.com one IS NOT MINE (as mentioned)..

I dont have the schematic to share.....

I posed a link to the site however.. where he DOES share the schematic (dont recall if a .brd file is there?.. or just an image of the schematic)

as for the one I made/home etched (with the voltage regulator on-board)..... why?  as mentioned, now-a-days you can get a real one mini/nano for $4.00 or so..

much cheaper and easier.

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