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this is so great! be shure to watch the video:

I saw something similar developed by yamaha and shown at ars eletroncia 05: tenori-on


To make something similar...

You'd need:
4 - "4x4" Digital LED Display ($19.99/ea)
1 - Multiplexer (for inputs) - Like the one on the punching bag, that had 64 force sensors
1 - Matrix LED control (for output LED's, nevermind dealing with colours...)
64 - Tricolour LED's ($1.79/ea for 10+)

Oh, and of course, someone passionate enough to write code for it.

... man, why am I getting tempting thoughts right now? Oh, wait, I still suck too badly at coding to do this.

Anyone wanna take a jab? It's doable...

(I'd probably pay about 100-125$ for one.)


their code is open, and they are selling small quantities of the pcb too

Happy New Year


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