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Hello everybody :)
Few weeks ago, I made a USB supported Arduino based on ATMega8 and I didn't use FTDI FT232 chip ... I used V-USB (Virtual USB) method instead ... Actually it works properly :D
here is the board:
But I have a problem, V-USB protocol doesn't support real time serial monitoring, so I can't use serial.begin() , serial.read() or serial.print() functions :(
In other words, Any program could work properly unless it uses Serial functions.
Even though when I open the Serial Monitor, nothing shows up.
What can I do to solve this problem ?

P.S: Please do not suggest to use any AVR microcontroller other than ATMega8 because we don't have ATMega168 or ATMega 328 in market ... and shipping is off to my country :\
Although Metaboard above uses Atmega168, I could make it using Atmega8 ;)
Thanks in advance



As decsribed in Metalab site "AVR's UART lines are not used for USB. This means that they can be used for other purposes, but also that debug output written to the UART cannot be directly received via USB."

Unfortunately Metaboard doesn't support Serial communitication via USB.


However, it should be possible to use a software serial connection through the usb. 

Dr. David Harris
OpenLCB Dev Team


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IF you are only looking for serial output of quasi-character strings,  this sample code may help.  The String object takes some RAM and code space, but makes it very easy to "print" to any HID application under Windows, Linux, iOS.... I have tried Excel and Notepad for data capture.  It is the most flexible method that I have found to get "stuff" out of the V-USB Arduino environment.


Compiled and tested with Arduino 1.0.1

Sample of polling each analog input every 5 seconds:
(I walked the analog inputs with a 10K resistor to ground.)

ANALOG1  120
ANALOG2  220
ANALOG3  265
ANALOG4  294
ANALOG5  294

ANALOG0  296
ANALOG2  109
ANALOG3  213
ANALOG4  268
ANALOG5  282

ANALOG0  313
ANALOG1  315
ANALOG3  120
ANALOG4  217
ANALOG5  261

ANALOG0  312
ANALOG1  332
ANALOG2  313
ANALOG4  128
ANALOG5  216

ANALOG0  290
ANALOG1  322
ANALOG2  320
ANALOG3  312
ANALOG5  120

ANALOG0  120
ANALOG1  234
ANALOG2  272
ANALOG3  297
ANALOG4  282

- Ray


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Thanks jjames for the update (the old thread is indeed dead)
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