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Hi guys.
I'm a final year of aerospace engineering student and I'm currently working on a individual project.

The main aspect of the project is to measure the motion of a model in a wind tunnel.I'm using Arduino Uno, wii motion + gyroscopes and nunchuck accelerometers.

My questions are:
-Is it possible to create a bluetooth connection with the arduino using the wii pcbs?or should I use a bluetooth dongle?
-I have to put all these pcbs together with the Arduino and I'm don't have much experience on electronics,is there any precautions that I have follow?

Extra info :The software that I'm using is called Multiwii and it has been used to make quadrocopters.Its very popular around the web.
Apologies if I posted in the wrong section.



I'm don't have much experience on electronics, is there any precautions that I have follow?

The first lesson I got was "never catch a falling soldering iron" ..

Bluetooth is essentially a serial connection, so I would suggest to first get the individual sensors to work one by one and get the output on your PC.
In a second phase you increase the number of sensors and you improve the data written over serial TIP: use { time ; sensorID ; value }  triplets
IN a 3rd phase you include the bluetooth into the whole

Do you have a schematic or code already (partial) you can post so we can react on that?
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I have a schematic about how the connection should be done but its refers to the Arduino mini,at the moment I'm very hesitant on putting the wii accelerometers and gyroscopes pcbs connected to the arduino.

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