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Dec 20, 2018, 12:25 pm Last Edit: Dec 20, 2018, 12:25 pm by graynomad
I think that all files except Gogol's editable version have been restored. I can't find Gogol's file anywhere, if he's still a member maybe he has a copy.
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After much discussion about pinout diagrams and Arduino documentaion I decided it's time to put my money time where my mouth is and create a pinout diagram for the Due

NOTE: Regardless of new posts this first post will always point to the current versions of the drawing.

ANOTHER NOTE: This might look pretty flash but it is NOT VERIFIED and NOT OFFICIAL it's very easy to make a mistake with this sort of thing. This means that you should not bet the farm by doing a design based on this drawing without checking what you are doing.


7 Apr 2014
Gogol's editable version added.

8 Jun 2013
Errata  fixed.

26 Feb  2013
Some new annotations added.
SPI Arduino pins numbers added.
The SDA1 and SCL1 pins were swapped, as were all related labels except D71 and D70. Fixed.
PDF version added.

11 Nov 2012
First version.

ERRATA/CHANGES/ADDITIONS: (not available in the latest version but will appear next time I upload)
None known at this time.


Web version (176kB) (900x1004, same as above)

A4 version (628kB) (2676x2400px)

A3 version (884kB) (3679x3300px)

CorelDRAW vector file (672kB)

SVG vector file (2.0MB)

PDF file (569kB)

Note the CC BY-ND license, you can use this diagram for any purpose commercial or non-commercial but you cannot make changes. If you want a custom size or version email me.

Editable PDF version (676k)
This allows you to enter your project's functions for each pin. With thanks to member Gogol.

Actually, We used this Due pinout diagram in My Engineering Main Project. We were Little Confused then. Somehow we managed it. Succeed  Back then me and my team is very new to this concept Eventually OR Accendentaly choose my career in VAR, 3D Technology, Lidar Because future is Full of Automation


Nice to see this diagram is still of some use.
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Aug 27, 2019, 06:18 pm Last Edit: Aug 27, 2019, 06:21 pm by Manolofen
Con permiso de Rob, he traducido a Español el Pinout. Disfrutazlo.
Un saludo y gracias.

With Rob's permission, I have translated the Pinout into Spanish. Enjoy it
Greetings and thank you.

Pinout DUE en Español: Download image

My Web AFPT - DUE: Arduino Facil Para Todos


Thanks Manolofen, I've added it to post #1 so it's more accessible.

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@graynomad, Indeed this old diagram is still in use. I am using it to compare to the Atmel (now Microchip) E70 Explained's "Ardunio" pinout set which was "claimed" to be compatible with Arduino Due R3, and it is NOT! With Microchip's takeover of Atmel this product is probably a dead horse (E70 MCU).
Note that many people/companies use a similar format for showing pinouts(see some of the Chinese flight controllers). Do you know of a modifiable template of your diagram? I'd like to make one for the SAM E70 Explained.


The original post has the drawing in editable formats, SVG and CDR. You should be able to use them as the base for your version.
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