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I am a completely newbie to electronics and I am looking to build my new robot.

What I have in mind is to create a 4 wheeled robot were all wheels have a motor and both pairs of wheels can spin at different speeds allowing to steer. On top of that, I am looking to drive some other motors to control a rotary sensor to detect objects.

Anyways, the question is: is it a good idea to build my own motor controller? Controlling speed and direction is a must and I understand that the arduino cannot provide the necessary power for the motors but a search on google comes up with certain boards that can handle about only two motors.

How can I create my own motor controller? Is there any other board that can handle about 4 motors?

I also don't want to place an arduino inside the robot, a standalone atmega would be much better.

Thanks in advance.


Is there any other board that can handle about 4 motors?



Note the L293D chips on the board from Adafruit will only power small motors, 600mA max.

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