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is there a free trial? I tried to record something and it says i have to activate the program first.


You can try BitVoicer if you use the computer's microphone as the input device, but you will need to activate it to be able to send commands to the microcontroller.


Hi, what's the range of the microphone? From how far away does is it able to pick up (and recognize) commands? Thanks.


HELLO  try to download and does not open the page


please can you send me the file, thanks

email:     OESTE24@HOTMAIL.COM


Well, I just tried the link and it works perfectly. I think you should try it again.


I'm a beginner to Arduino and I am looking to build something along the lines of your project. I have downloaded and activated Bitvoicer. But for your uploaded Bitvoicer Schema, the link doesn't work for some reason. It eventually shows a domain for sale and is unable to be saved as. Is there any other place where I can take a look at the schema used? Or is there instructions on how to build it? I have a windows computer if that is relevant.



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Questions: Does the software work with the Arduino Due? Also, the sample code with the new BitVoicer software and #include <BitVoicer11.h> doesn't compile at all. Also, I am using a 64-bit version of BitVoicer. Please help asap. Thanks.


I found that it doesn't work with the Due, but I still have compilation problems with the Uno. Please help.


I recently installed the last version of the Arduino IDE and had the same problem. The developer support told me to install the previous version of the Arduino IDE (not the new beta one) which solved the problem. I could also download a new installation package from their site and reinstall BitVoicer.


So I've installed the latest version of Bitvoicer, and am trying to use an Arduino board to do what you accomplished. But there is a problem with the code here: 

BitVoicerSerial bitVoicer = BitVoicerSerial(0);

It says "no matching function for call to 'Bitvoicer::BitvoicerSerial(int)'

What does this mean and how can I fix it? I'm using the Bitvoicer11.h library, which I believe is the latest one.

Also, when I try your schema, this message pops up:
"No recognizer of the required ID found."
What does this mean? Am I missing something?


Have you copied the library files to the correct folder in the Arduino IDE installation folder? There are instructions about it in the manual.

I cannot help you with the second error you mentioned. Maibe their support can help.


I had the same errors you are seeing.

I put the .h and .cpp files from the BitVoicer library in the arduino project folder and reopened my project. It now has both files shown as tabs. I then changed the include from <> to "" (double quotes) to include it as a cpp file.

Code: [Select]
#include <BitVoicer.h> --> #include "BitVoicer.h"

I don't have the bits to make this work yet but I am able to compile the code. Hope this helps.


m not able to find bitvoicer library :~ pls help me...

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