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The reason was that I didn't soldered the pins


Moreover I suggest to visit this thread in the modern device forum, which supply further informations on the sensor:

Hi everyone,

I'm new in the Arduino community and I'm writing to solve the following problem:
I would like to use the AMBI light sensor http://shop.moderndevice.com/products/ambi-light-sensor to realize a simple photocell, in which the light source is supplied by a commercial laser, typically used for presentations. My purpose is simply an ideal on/off behavior: my program should be able to distinguish
between values greater than and less than a certain threshold of light intensity (actually it should be very sensitive to minimum changes...but i have to overcame another obstacle first).

I bought this sensor because it seemed to me the simplest to be used by a completely newbie in electronics and optics like me (i would like to avoid assembling electrical components).
However I can't understand its functioning. I premise I still didn't soldered it to the header pin.
I've tried to test its behavior eclipsing the environment light by putting a thin cane (for drinks ) - coated by a white sticker - directly on the sensor and switching the laser on and off into the cane, but didn't detected any relevant change in the serial output.

I have wrote the same message to tkbyd who answered me:

I can't add a lot to what I wrote at...


The device does not produce a serial output. The device changes the voltage on its "output" pin depending on the light falling on it.

Forget the complex things you've been doing with thin canes (straw?)... all you need is to put your hand over the device when it is illuminated by normal room light. That's enough to cause a large change in the output.

But I still can't understand the issue.

I have to add the following informations on the configuration that I'm using:

-board: Arduino Uno Rev. 3
-the sensor is connected to the analog input 3,4 and 5 as shown in the attached cheatsheet.


-the code is the same as the one shown in the same cheatsheet

Code: [Select]

void setup() {
pinMode(18, OUTPUT);
pinMode(19, OUTPUT);
digitalWrite(18, HIGH);
digitalWrite(19, LOW);
void loop() {
int Light = analogRead(3);

-I read the data from the USB port of my arduino.
-I've tried lots of other light conditions: almost total dark (only the light of the monitor illuminated the sensor), sensor covered by a finger or by my hand. Nothing relevant happened to the output.

Can anyone help me?


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