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I will like to present to you my quadruped. I'm using an Arduino Mega and a servo controller SSC 32.

I'm also writing a blog as I go along and I invite you to visit it. Hopefully you will find some useful information.

I have a couple of articles about Inverse Kinematics (with arduino code) and I hope I will publish more interesting articles as I make progress. See link below to my blog:


I haven't made all the mechanic parts yet and I'm using Hitec 311 servos on the tibia (not very strong) but it's not too bad for now.

Just a small video of my tetrapod...




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Looks good, it's coming along.

Next, you might try implementing a crawl or creep gait. This means moving only 1 foot at a time.
Assume a stable tripod on 3 legs, step forward with the 4th leg, and then swing the body forward
using the other 3 legs, so you get a new stable tripod for support, and can lift and step the
rear-most leg.

If your servos are a little weak, the creep gait will work better than a trot [2 legs by 2 legs], as
there are always 3 legs down and supporting the frame.

This page may be helpful,



Thanks for the reply and for the link. Very interesting.

The gaits are going to be soon my next development. :)


Battery, 7.4 Volts can kill your servos, I would suggest either buying a BEC (R/C world) or finding a similar way to reduce your voltage to 5 volts .  Depending on the number servos and amp draw a basic R/C BEC should handle your requirements.  Any R/C shop should carry the Castle Creation Brand, or a suitable substitute, they have both a 10 and 20 amp version.  If you go 20 amp you will have to replace the supply side wires.  You will also need a small fan to provide airflow as the R/C ones are assumed to mounted on a rapidly moving object.

Other than that I liked your explanation of IK, it was a lot clearer than a lot of the ones I have read.

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