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solid engineering and design.

Oh, I dunno.  "Glue" is "engineering."  I'd put about half your requests in the "eye candy" category; nice to look at and elegant from some technical point of view, but not really very useful (I have an especially dim view of "smooth scrolling", ever since it slowed down the VT100...)  Yeah, the syntax coloring ought to be based on a complete parser with the capability of separately coloring any lexical element, but actually using that many colors would be silly...

I also find your willingness to spend cpu cycles, while attempting to preserve "vertical real estate" a bit inconsistent.

But the only one I think is a really bad idea is "9. Add ability to hide/show the top row of buttons..."  All the documentation is based on those buttons, and they're fundamental to the IDE's "Ease of Use."  Setting things up so that beginners might accidentally delete them is a terrible idea.


16: tab are the evil  ]:)

If anything has to be said about indentation capabilities of the Arduino IDE, I think CTRL+T is quite good, but an on-the-fly auto indentation feature like e.g. in MS Visual Studio would be awesome.
Especially because we'd see much more readable code in the forums :P
But hey, I won't be comparing VS with Arduino IDE..

17: relying on concatenation order of source files is total madness IMHO no, wait _concatenation_ of source files is total madness; #include directives and #define guards were invented for a purpose... if I had the power, I'd take that feature away from the IDE  ]:)
OTOH, having more than a handful of tabs open makes switching between them a PITA... But again, it's an editor for "sketches", not for "projects". That must tell us something ;)

18: serial monitor auto-opening would be most welcome.

19: direct hex upload from the IDE ("Upload compiled sketch" maybe ?) is totally useless IMHO given the target audience of Arduino.

20: the main problem I see with keywords.txt files is they add up regardless of the libraries actually used by the sketch.

Can't find the link right now, but there's at least one very popular ide mod around here. One of its marketing points, IIRC, was serial monitor auto-opening...

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