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Ok this one is bothering me.
I wrote the code, played it, uploaded it, went to check it and there is no serial monitor. I click the button again, still no. It has appear along the task bar, but as i click it i see a window move from the task bar to off screen, and back.
Its like having a second monitor connected but not turned on, I cant get hold of it, only there is no other monitor and the display settings are set up for one. so where's it going? i have restarted the computer, updated arduino builder, fiddled with ports and devices and reset everything i can think off, but no joy. It has worked before many times on other codes (i opened some of these too). But it doesnt want to come out and play. Anyone have any ideas how to get hold of it?



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Windows 7 sorry. Meant to post that...


Certain Bluetooth adapters can cause issues with the serial monitor so make sure there isn't one plugged in.
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If is some driver/windows/Bluetooth issue it should fade away with this: http://arduino.cc/forum/index.php/topic,118440.0.html

Otherwise it may be the serial part of the physical board. Can you open the serial port in another application like putty?
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Louis Davis

Your preferences.txt file probably has a bad location saved.

Open your preferences.txt file and look for the following line:

(NOTE): Only edit the file while the IDE is not running
Delete the line and the IDE will open the Serial Monitor in a default location.

If you need help finding the preferences.txt file, see here:


Louis - that got it mate! Have an E-hug on me :)

The only slight note was I opened the file and it said something like "dont edit me! go edit the other preferences.txt that is in user data..."
So I did as it asked and that has sorted it. Nice work.

Thanks muchly!

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