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I'm looking to make a more finished appearance LED cude.  The company who makes the ones you see in this video have figured out exactly what I'm trying to do:

As much as I'd like to support this company, the price tag for what you see is way above my budget for this project.  So I thought about making something somewhat similar.  The problem is finding those individually addressable LED ropes/tubes.  As we've all seen there are a lot LED strips available but these are not LED strips.  In this particular video, I can't tell if they are ropes or something else but if you look at some of their other videos, there are clearly using a rope of some sort.

Any help dissecting this or links to manufactures/distributors that sell more than just the typical LED strips would be great!


My guess would be that those are custom made.  You probably won't find those for sale anywhere.  However, that doesn't mean you can't make the standing display without using the LED strings.  If you look closely, the cubes have layers, and not free hanging strings.  That is very typical of a regular layers and columns setup.  Basically follow any cube instructions online and expand it in one direction to get your height.


I agree that this particular one doesn't seem to be hanging rope.  But it isn't just soldered anode columns either.  The structure is more rigid, thicker, and very symmetrical.  Some ideas on how to achieve that structured column setup would be great.  Then I can add the LED's. 

If you look at other videos from this same youtube username, you'll see the rope LEDs I mentioned.

Their entire display is structurally strong enough to move, even to ship to a buyer, so that's what I'd like to achieve.  Any points are appreciated!


It doesn't have to be 'just soldered anode columns' ... it could very well be a separate structure built with the LEDs attached to it.  Anything's possible.  I do see a grid structure built into the case, with layers and rows as vertical support.  So maybe a little bit of experimenting is in order.


I don't think "ropes" will work, they're quite wide and will block out the LEDs behind them...

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That thing is like $10k! It sure is pretty though.
I have been working on smaller cubes, and it takes me more than one day to build a 4x4x4 cube. That cube looks to be 8x8x32 which is huge, over 2000 RGB LEDs. Cubes seem to be more difficult, the larger you make them, so its probably more than 2000/64 times as much work.

My guess is they are using steel wires (often called music wire, or piano wire), these wires are very sturdy, even when very thin, but they are difficult to solder (they require a lot of extra work to pre-tin).

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