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Topic: Arduino Due compatible with Arduino Ethernet shield or Arduino Wifi shield ? (Read 35366 times) previous topic - next topic


I have fixed my issue with the Due and Ethernet shield.
They were not the issue.
The issue was the setup of my computer.
Once that was sorted then I can communicate with the Due via the Ethernet shield using the ChatServer Sketch.


I think the problems will be the 3V3 of DUE instead of 5V of UNO
But otherwise you can use a level translator 3V3 <--> 5V and seek which pins are used by Arduino UNO for ethernet comm, they maybe SPI pins .Then you must to be sure about the library ,the DUE has an ARM processor


I just want someone to confirm that the WiFi and Ethernet shields can be fully implemented with the arduino due. ie. that the libraries are compatible with the SAM3X system and that the shields can be connected to the due without the use of an intermediate board

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